Food & the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is almost here! If you haven’t started making plans for what you’ll make for your game-day party, or if you’re someone who doesn’t like to cook, you may be thinking of popping into your neighborhood grocery store and picking up potato or tortilla chips along with a jar of bean dip or pre-made queso that you can just pop into the microwave and be done with.

Come on! You can do better!

Check out these fun foods that you can grab at your local grocery store and put together with minimal prep.

1. Build a fancy cheese plate: Look to the artisan cheese counter for blocks of cheese that will beat anything that’s pre-sliced on a party tray. Many Fred Meyer stores, for instance, now feature in-store Murray’s Cheese Shops, which have a wide variety of domestic and imported cheese options. And they are staffed with experts who can help you out if you don’t know your halloumi from your double Gloucester.

2. The hot bar: Many higher-end groceries feature hot bars, which on Sunday will be loaded with things like red-sauced meatballs, egg rolls, hot wings and other party snacks. Just set them out on fancy trays for everyone to enjoy!

3. Make a fresh fruit tray: Most produce departments stock party trays with precut fruit, and you pay a steep markup for the convenience. Making your own tray of fresh fruit, though, is easy and a lot cheaper. Just think finger food – fresh grapes, raspberries or blueberries, and those deliciously sweet Clementine oranges.

4. Gourmet cookies: Clamshell packs of in-house grocery store cookies can be pretty bad. But groceries like Zupan’s, New Seasons and Whole Foods feature cookies made by Portland bakeries, including gluten-free and vegan options.

5. Take-out: If all else fails, there’s always take-out. Super Bowl Sunday is one of the busiest days of the year for pizza places, but take-out Thai and Chinese food is a great last-minute option. Place your order early, specifying when you want to pick the food up.

Source: as seen on Zillow Porchlight